Cydney Peterson

SoulFULL Food and Body Image Coach

Reiki Master


Photo: Carla Gesell Photography


Hey, Beautiful!


Are you feeling controlled by food; is that all that you think about?  Do you struggle with portion control or feel like your eating habits are out of control?  

Do you consider yourself an emotional eater or struggle with binge eating? 

Do you feel like you are spending tons of sweaty hours in the gym without getting the results you desire?  

Are you unhappy with your body and just can't seem to lose those last few pounds no matter what you do?

Do you want to eat like a "normal" or "sane" person without sacrificing your health?

Battling constant bloating and GI symptoms?

Or perhaps you love your plant-based lifestyle but just can't seem to get your appetite under control.

Fortunately you've come to the right place, I'm happy you are here and I'd love to help you. 


What do I do? 

  • I help women like you liberate themselves from feeling controlled by food and being a slave to intense daily exercise.  
  • I assist women in building trust in themselves when making food choices.
  • I help to bring the joy of eating back into women's lives, break the binge cycle, and bring sanity back to the table.  
  • I guide women to explore inspirational ways of moving their bodies, cutting the treadmill shackles, and the never ending cycle of sweating it out for hours to attain the perfect physique.  
  • I coach women to become their most powerful and expressive self in conjunction with attaining body confidence.
  • I help women see the big picture behind their eating and weight concerns.
  • I also help women manage the dreaded symptoms of bloating and GI challenges.


How do I do this?  I work one-on-one as a Food and Body Image Coach using the modalities of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology.


Excited to learn how I can help you create a body you love and finally be at peace with food?