YouTubin' - Talking about the Phases of Nourishment

It's begun and it can only get better, right?


I've recently begun testing out the waters of the YouTube world.  I decided to record a series of videos explaining the 11 Phases of Nourishment. 

I feel that it is important to get this info out to you because I can see that I've been moving through some phases myself.  Some of them quite uncomfortable and to be honest, I wish that I could just rush right through them.  

So I know that because I am being affected, there is a good chance that you too are being affected.

For such a long time I was eyeball deep in clean eating and stressing about having my meals "just so," but the past few months have been rather weird for me when it comes to food.    I've taken what feels like a nosedive into a stage where food is uninspiring, I don't like cooking so much, things don't taste so great, and I haven't been eating very regularly.

It can be really easy to jump into self criticism and berate myself for not following stricter rules or being more mindful of how I am eating, but I've decided not to go that route because I know better now.  I know that I am simply moving through one of the Phases of Nourishment.  The question is, which one?  Check out the videos to find out.  

Phases of Nourishment are a natural part of life and so the result is a varied relationship with food as we move through the phases.  Fighting and judging yourself for going though these phases can be self destructive and inhibit the motion of moving through life gracefully.  It can also create more of the unwanted eating habits that you might be fighting.  

Check out the intro video to learn what the phases are and why it is important to know about them.  


 An intro the 11 Phases of Nourishment and why they are important.

To view all 11 Phases of Nourishment and to discover what phase I'm in and what phase you may be in, click HERE to view the whole playlist.

If you'd rather watch at your own pace click on the following phases to view each one individually.  They are in no particular order, as the phases don't always show up in a certain progression.



I'd love to hear your feedback on what phase you feel you are in right now.  Send me an email at

Moving through these phases can be difficult and unwanted behaviors such as over-eating or binge eating can rear their ugly head in many of these phases.  If you would like additional support in your eating challenges, I invite you to join my Facebook group Creating Youphoria3: Food and Body Freedom where you can connect with me daily and be supported by fellow women exploring their relationships with food and body.

Be well,  

<3 Cydney