Would you eat these?

Let me ask you, would you eat these? 😳

Recipe  HERE   

Recipe HERE  

Two years ago I would have never made these pumpkin cookies because they contain powdered sugar. I was stuck in the throes of my orthorexia. 

This season, I've already made two batches. 🍪🍪

Some for me and some to share of course.

I used to feel that desserts were "bad" and if they couldn't be made from entirely whole plant-based foods, then they didn't deserve my attention or energy. I sure as hell wasn't going to put refined foods in my body.

But now I do on occasion and with that shift, my ideal body weight has showed up and my relationship with food is fun; not frantic and obsessive.

So why the change of heart? 

  • ⚡️I know that food its self is not moral.  
  • ⚡️I know that the dose makes the poison.  
  •     I know that pleasure is absolutely necessary in my life.  
  •     I know how to honor foods that are commonly classified as "guilty pleasures." 

To come to this space, I had to explore who I was as an eater and really challenge myself. 
I had to try new strategies that would work long term and become friends with food.

After I applied many helpful and empowering strategies, I knew that I had to distill down some first line approaches that I used and pass them on to you. 

If you feel like you are trapped in an obsessive approach to food and would love to indulge without guilt, it's time to start developing a healthy approach to the food on your plate. 

If you are wild woman who is ready to change your relationship to food and body, you can find the very first strategies that I used in my ebook "Three Unexpected Tips For Creating the Body You Love." 

Download your complimentary copy HERE

Happy Halloween

<3 Cydney