Your Diet is Feeding the Billion Dollar Cash Cow

I have been observing the flare up of various weight loss teas and shakes, diet strategies, and programs online these days.  As the summer creeps upon us, so does the desire to look beach ready.  So there is no coincidence that there is a push for product sales in the weight loss realm.



I’d like to get really clear with you on what’s happening in our society.  Let it be known that the weight loss products and programs are being sold by for-profit companies.   This is a multi billion dollar a year industry.   You alone, have probably spent thousands of dollars over the years.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of these companies to produce a product that does not yield long term results. 

If you and everyone else realized results, we’d be skinny, pretty, and happy and you wouldn’t be attempting the same strategies repeatedly.  I’m willing to bet that every single product line out there promising weight loss results has a team behind it.  They are strategizing how their product(s) will yield quick, yet unsustainable results requiring consumers to commit to another round of weight loss agony after falling off the wagon due to their “willpower problem.”  


Let me be frank, you do not have a willpower problem.  Commercial and many medical weight loss strategies work temporarily because restriction is involved in some capacity.  The result, over time, is that metabolic efficiency drops to protect the body from restricted nutrition.  Restricted nutrion causes appetite stimulation creating conditions for us to “fall off the wagon” and eat way more than we normally would in an attempt to make up for temporary starvation.  When weight comes back on, the cycle begins again.  So in a nut shell...

 For profit weight loss strategies literally bank on your repeated failures.


The other thing that I want to say is that when we look to the outside world for the “fix,” we give away our personal power and with that goes metabolic power.  You tell your body that it cannot be trusted which results in a disconnect between what you think you need and what you really need.  This distrust is what diet companies feed on, and what results is a person who has dieted for 30 plus years and has completely trashed their metabolism and hormone balance

The chronic dieter struggles to lose or maintain weight because of a self imposed lowered metabolism and the result is that they are unable to consume the same amount of calories as a person the same age who has never dieted.  

The answer to our weight challenges comes from within; the gut-brain connection and the delicate dance of our experiences, emotions, and who we are as eaters.  Personally, I had to go through many iderations of a diet plan before I was able come to a place where I was ready to look inside for the answers; to listen to what my body needed.  Now that I have slowed down with food and let go of the obsessive compulsive behaviors around food, I am able to trust my body more and listen to its wisdom.  

Many people will have to go through the diet roller coaster before they can find peace with their body and mind, but many will never afford themselves the chance build a trusting relationship with their body.  My hope is that you can break free of the diet and exercise cycle before it is too late, before your metabolism hits the point of no return.

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