I Hope This Doesn't Happen to You

Girlfriend, don't let this happen to you.


I recently opened up about my experience with orthorexia, binge eating, and over exercising in an online group.  It took some courage, I will admit, because I left myself open and vulnerable to criticism.   


I wasn’t prepared for the response that I got from a fellow group member.  


To keep it short, they essentially told me that orthorexia wasn’t real; therefore my experience was likely unreal.  Claiming that someone who is health conscious is just a “health nut.”  The “real problem” is all the people eating crappy food and getting fat. This person even cited an unscientific study that made preposterous conclusions. 


As you can imagine, I got offended.


But, here’s the deal, I was MORE than a health conscious health nut.  My experience with controlling my food affected me every day.  It was ALL I could think about. 


“Is this going to make me fat?”


“Is this going to make me bloat?” 


“Will this give me cancer?” 


“Will this give me diabetes?” 


“How am I going to eat at that restaurant, they don’t have anything that I can eat?”  


“How much should I eat?”  


And on and on.


My orthorexia became so intense that I thrusted my beliefs about food onto others and that really challenged my relationships. 


The control was so bad that it played a role in my binge eating behaviors.  I felt like a complete prisoner to my beliefs and to food.  




So yes, my experience was real, whether it had a label or not.  


Here’s the deal, your experience is absolutely real regardless if it has a label or what someone else thinks or believes about it.


Only you know what it is like to live in your body and to deal with the thoughts in your head.  No one else knows but you.


Don’t let someone tell you that your experience isn’t real. 

No, I am not saying that you have to accept your experience as the life that you want to lead but you must own that you are having the experience.  


If you ignore your reality, pretend that it isn’t happening, or even choose to fight it, your challenges are likely going to get worse.  


Own your circumstances now so that you can choose to move beyond them.  


You can’t get rid of or lose something until you own it.


I challenge you to own your experience, because then you can make the conscious choices to change what you don’t like.  That means, owning and accepting your behaviors and the body you’ve got right now.


If you are looking for support with your fears around food or binge eating behaviors, be sure to connect with me in my Facebook group Creating Youphoria3: Food and Body Freedom.  If you aren’t a member yet, click HERE to join.



 Cydney <3