Healing Body Image Through Mandala Creation

Another one of my mandalas in the works as you can see. 

Not sure where this one is leading me but I will continue to listen to it just like I continue to listen to my body and tune into my hunger cues.

I love this parallel, listening to the art and listening to the body.



The art of mandala making is a lot like creating a trusting and kind relationship with your body. You learn to trust the process and what unfolds. There's no wrong turns, only curiosity, awareness, and answers.

We can look inward for guidance rather than search for the "perfect way" or the "right way" to do it as per the "experts."  

The body will show you how to feed it and move it if you choose to listen, just as the mandala will ask you to pick the colors and the pattern as you lean into the process.  There is an ebb and flow, a communication, a building of respect, and an honoring of what is and where things are going.   

The basics of creation are trust, curiosity, and flow. These are also the basics when coming home to the body and leaving diet mentality behind.

Diet mentality has its talons deeply embedded in our psyche and the result is a deep distrust in the body, a deep distrust and disconnection with hunger, and even a deep distrust with desire.   

The result is the inability to feed the body and move the body based on what the body needs.  The brain goes into overdrive trying to outwit the body's needs and eventually the body burns out and rebels, and the brain becomes overwhelmed and fatigued.  Inevitably, we feel we have failed. Because of this, it is easy to stay in the constant and cyclical need to search for the answers from the "experts."

The real expert is the body, it has all the wisdom.  Likewise, creativity is the expert, it's just looking for the right person to express it.  

There is so much to be learned about the body (and our emotional state) through the creative process.  That's why I continue to come back to my practice of painting mandalas.  The process teaches me about myself.  It feeds my creative soul.  It's a path to healing and an alternate option to using food or controlling food and my body to feel better.

Are you willing to brave the waters of creativity and come home to your body?  I strongly believe in the connection between creativity and learning to enjoy your body.  It's not always easy to explore the process, but I assure you, coming home to your body and learning how to nourish and move it can be fun.  In fact, I believe much of the process needs to be fun.

That's why I am offering two mandala painting classes in December (5th - online and 7th - local) to feed your creative hunger and explore the mind-body-soul connection.

I hope you'll consider joining me.  For more information click the button below.