Shame and body image: does size matter?

So here's a weird way that body shame comes up for me….

My body is doing the opposite of what some of my clients' bodies are doing and I want to hide that. I want all women to feel safe with me regardless of what their body is doing and what my body is doing. 

…how do I reconcile the very thing that I am a rallying against...the thin ideal, when my body is more closely aligned with that ideal?

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Let's Talk Bodies with Jenny Eden Berk

I can be a finicky gal, a person who has to develop a relationship with someone for a while before I feel like I can trust them, much less promote something that they've been working on. 

The world can be full of insincere people, am I right?  That's why, when I find someone special, I've gotta share them with you.


I want to introduce you to a women who has a heart of gold and really knows what it is like to have a fickle relationship with food and the angst that arises when diets don't work and your body doesn't fit the culture code.


Jenny Eden Berk is an amazing fellow health and eating psychology coach.  Like me, she is also certified though The Institute for the Psychology of Eating so of course we enjoy "talking shop."



Jenny just released her already #1 Amazon Best Seller book, "The Body Image Blueprint," and I couldn't be happier for her accomplishment and am super stoked that I could be included in her book.  I am anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive...  



In this # 1 Amazon Best Selling book, you will find:

  • Interviews from more than 50 men and women between the ages of 22-70 talking about their own body image perceptions. (Including an interview from me.)


  • Conversations about the rawness and commonalities between so many of us who struggle with body image.


  • Techniques and effective strategies for building your own personal body image blueprint.


Jenny's book as going to help so many people learn to relate to their bodies in a more powerful and kind way.  


We will each have our own journey coming home to our bodies, but Jenny helps to bring together some of the loose threads and commonalities between us so that the process can be a bit less stressful.


On top of Jenny's new release, she invited a panel of like-minded coaches and wellness advocates to a roundtable discussion on body image.  


I am honored that she asked me to be a part of the discussion.  We had such a fun time with the topic that we ended up recording the round table in two parts.  I have included our discussions for your viewing pleasure below.  



Wishing you all the best on your journey to your own unique body image blueprint.


<3 Cydney