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Done with Dieting: Accessing You Blueprint

  • Racine Community Acupuncture through the Harmony Hall entrance on Hwy K 10502 Northwestern Ave Franksville, WI (map)


Join Cydney for a discussion on challenging the norm and accessing your inner wisdom. Learn the truth behind one of America’s greatest pastimes, dieting.

Cydney views challenges with eating, weight, body image, and health as opportunities for exploration and growth.

There is much to learn when you twist the lens and view your symptoms and unwanted habits or behaviors as doorways to greater understanding and acceptance of your life journey. It is from this place of acceptance that we can relax into developing a positive relationship with food and body, along with a healthy metabolism.

Cydney’s approach is to combine many of the best strategies from nutrition science, Eating Psychology, Mind Body Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, and deep listening to help you achieve your goals.

Her work focuses on what is right for your body and your life style – this is not a “one size fits all” model, we find what works for you. She encourages you to be curious about your life, to let go of judgment and to learn to tap into your body's wisdom.

Her ultimate goal is to help you create a body kindness dialogue and to help you reach your highest potential through the creation of a pleasurable, and nourishing relationship with food, your body, and your life.

This work is very personal to Cydney.

Cydney has struggled with various stages of disordered eating, binge eating, body image issues, intense control, dieting, and over exercising throughout her life.

She felt like she was constantly coming up short in her efforts to be perfect and to sculpt the "perfect body.”

Using the philosophies of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology, she learned that challenges with food, weight, and body were symptoms of deeper issues that needed to be explored.

Through this exploration she learned to "tune in" to her body to find out what she needed. The exploration has afforded Cydney sustainable change and a body that she enjoys.

It’s now Cydney’s mission to help women learn the deeper messages in their challenges with food and to break free of the diet, binge, and exercise shackles so they can become their most authentic self in a body they love.

Please enter Racine Community Acupuncture through the Harmony Hall entrance on Hwy K. DOORS TO HARMONY HALL OPEN AT 6:45 PM

This event will be presented BY DONATION. Please plan to honor Cydney's time and sharing of knowledge, as well as our host location, by placing a donation of appreciation in the basket provided.