What are women saying?


"Everyone tells you 'you shouldn't eat this and you should eat this, or do this diet etc etc' - What people don't tell you is that true success in your health is a 3 prong effort dependent on your Mind Body Spirit health. One without the other does not exist. Working with Cydney, I brought to the table years of personal development, internal and external communication, and plenty of diets, exercise routines, nutrition coaches, trainers and failures to go with it.  One thing remained sure, I never achieved true, sustained success and I secretly hated myself for failing consistently. I fought with myself and judged what I ate all the time. With the bombardment of messages we've internalized in our lifetimes and the persistence thereof in current media and society, its easy to fight a battle that is lost before it starts.

Cydney broke that pattern. She installed a 'no diet' diet plan with me, one that extended through my emotional health as well as physical and spiritual health. When she sat down with me at first, she made sure to get a complete bio-spherical understanding of the battle I was really fighting in. Her relentless desire to help you heal yourself and find peace within eating showed its light within one week of implementing her suggestions and over time that has only bloomed further and further.  

I don't consider carbs an enemy of mine now and because I reframed in my mind and perception how they help me and I need them first thing in the morning, as a result I no longer binge on foods at all. Whereas I used to think about food ALL the time, I now find my stomach growling before I think about what I am eating and when. Of utmost importance is that I no longer use my willpower to fight myself on what to eat and how much. I let my body guide me and nudge me, and it wasn't even a process to do that. It was simply adjusting what my body needed at the right time to get it to stop trying to hoard my attention on food for the remainder of the day. She continues to be a source of humor, of fun, of ease and insight into undoing the damages of food messaging and recreating a positive experience within the body with food.

In short, the weight loss and reduction in health challenges are a very tangible result of working with Cydney however, the peace and happiness within myself and my body are a priceless effect. I've lost my 'story.'  I eat what I want, I eat when I want.”

- Nida Kazmi (Private Client)


"I would really encourage everyone to have a one on one session with Cydney Peterson. I spoke with her last week and our conversation has given me so much perspective and literally lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, in a few short days I can already feel my body releasing and relaxing and really all it took was Cydney asking the right questions and allowing me to explore what is really going on in my head. I was skeptical that 90 minutes could help much, or that my mind and feelings would have so much power over by body. I had been looking for diets and exercises to loose weight and get healthy but really what I needed to be looking at was what was going on in myself. Still a big journey ahead, I know, but I am feeling empowered and positive and more in tune with myself."

-Jackie Hasling (Private Client)

"Cydney talked about a correlation between self-flagellation and autoimmune diseases. It really struck a chord with me. I have Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune thyroid condition. After a lifetime of starving myself, losing/gaining, feeling hideous, and hating what I see in the mirror, I decided enough was enough. I am speaking nicely to myself, consciously cutting off that critical voice when it speaks up, and instead telling myself that I am enough. I've also stopped running, which is something that I felt was stressing my body.  (When) I went for my 3-month checkup with my endocrinologist. When he handed me my bloodwork results, I couldn't believe my eyes. My thyroid numbers, which we haven't been able to get under control, no matter what combo of medications we've tried, were literally PERFECT. After looking at all the many test results, my doctor pronounced that I am the healthiest I've ever been. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you, Cydney!"

- A. Moore (Group Member and Client)

"Excellent!  Very informative.  I have been more mindful of the rhythm of meals and discovered she (Cydney) is absolutely correct!  I will take her advice to heart..."

- Beverly M. (Event Attendee)